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My name is Hanna, and I'm an Art Director, Designer, Painter, Strategic Problem-Solver, and Lover of Big Ideas.

After studying Fine Art and Visual Communication at Luther College, I took my love for visual arts to Minneapolis. It wasn't long before I found my passion for using strategic and thoughtful design to help bring the essence of a brand to life. Over the years, my interdisciplinary work with local and national brands alike has allowed me to develop creative processes with equally beautiful and effective results. I currently work as as an Art Director for EVEREVE, a national women's fashion retailer. 

I am also an abstract oil painter with a focus on exploring the materiality of paint through moments of instinct and controlled process. My raw, impulsive brush strokes could seem like a far reach from pixel-perfect designs, but this practice thoroughly influences all my creative work. 

Ultimately, the process of making is what I am drawn to - Discovering new ways to approach each project while finding the beauty in instinct and process. 

current shows

Alibi The Salon. North Loop, Minneapolis, MN.

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