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My name is Hanna, and I'm an Art Director, Designer, Creative Problem-Solver, and Lover of Big Ideas.


I am passionate about exploring the intersection of art and design. Over the years, my interdisciplinary work with local and national brands alike has allowed me to develop creative processes with equally beautiful and effective results. I currently work as an Sr. Art Director in Women's Apparel for Target.


When I am not working as an Art Director, I am exploring my own artistic practice through fine art and illustration. My raw, impulsive brush strokes could seem like a far reach from pixel-perfect designs, but this practice thoroughly influences all my creative work. I am constantly inspired by the power of color, texture, and form.


Ultimately, the process of making is what I am drawn to - Discovering new ways to approach each project, connect with others, and find the beauty in instinct and process. 

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