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Featuring the work and collaboration of female artists, Love Like the Sea was born from a longing for hope in an age of hate. 


In the summer of 2017, Kristin and Katie, two sisters and photographers living in Minneapolis, sought out Hanna Knutson, a local abstract oil painter, to create two pieces that emanated the colors, tones, textures, and feelings of the sea. 


With Hanna's artwork as the foundation, the three artists set to work on making Love Like the Sea a reality. Their goal was to communicate that love is fierce, unrelenting, and wild. Free from judgement, and granted freedom of movement. This love need not be romantic nor hopeful, but honest and faithful. 


With the contribution of some amazing creatives, artists and vendors, Love Like the Sea manifested itself into a work of art, an expression of movement, fashion, photography and poetry. 


Special thanks to all who were involved in bringing this project to life.


love, not calmly

        but fiercely.


pick up your heart

to know it's there.


not shiny,

not pretty,

but completely



pulsing with something,


we will never touch.


this love,

it keeps us honest.


it should break our bones.


no idleness or 

wishful thinking,


it's work

but it's there for the taking.


so when you love,

     love like the sea.



its waves crush on the shore,


urging for more,


urging for a place to rest,

to find peace.


but forever it will be

wild and free.




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